Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm EST
  1. You have the right and responsibility to express concerns, dissatisfaction or make complaints about services you do or do not receive without fear of reprisal, discrimination or unreasonable interruption of services. AYMS telephone number is 1-800-518-4009. When you call, ask to speak with the General Manager, Performance Improvement Coordinator, Supervisor or the Administrator/CEO.
  2. AYMS has a formal grievance procedure that ensures your concerns shall be reviewed and an investigation started within 48 hours. Every attempt shall be made to resolve all grievances within 14 days. You will be informed in writing of the resolution of the complaint/grievance.
  3. AYMS shall include The Compliance Team, Inc. Statement within written information provided to customers/patients on the complaint process. Documentation is maintained in the Medical Record. About You Medical Supplies will take every step necessary to ensure your complaint is resolved to your complete satisfaction and we are committed to ensuring the highest standards are maintained as our priority is to maintain 100% satisfaction record with our clients.
  4. In the event your complaint remains unresolved with AYMS, you may file a complaint with our Accreditor, The Compliance Team, Inc. via their website thecomplianceteam.org or via phone 1-888-291-5353.

If you feel the need to discuss your concerns, dissatisfaction or complaints with someone other than AYMS staff, the state provides a Home Health “Hot Line” ­at 800-962-2873.